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About Kerri's Consult LLC

Kerri Beisner, M.Ed.

Kerri's Consult, LLC was developed and created with parents and children in mind.  With experience working in top school districts and ABA facilities in Massachusetts and Connecticut, Kerri has worked with many different families navigating the waters of special education.  To continue her support for parents, Kerri developed a curriculum for US Nanny Institute that was designed to teach caregivers how to understand various disabilities and the best ways to respond to typical behaviors presented by each disability.  In addition to her experiences, Kerri also has several publications with the National Association of Special Education Teachers. 

Kerri's Consult, LLC recognizes that even before a child is diagnosed with a disability, parents may be anxious and confused about the process.  And once a school has conducted testing, the PPT process can be overwhelming and confusing as school staff review lengthy evaluation reports with standardized scores, disability qualification, and the development and implementation of an IEP or 504 plan.  Or perhaps the difficulties you are facing involve your child's behavior at home.  Maybe you have tried everything in your toolbox and don't know what else to do to improve undesired behaviors and responses.  This is why Kerri's Consult, LLC was created and we are here to help. 

My Philosophy

Behind every child is a team supporting them.  Parents and caregivers are a vital part of that team, as they have a comprehensive understanding of their child's past, family dynamic, and personal experiences.  Parents know when something is not right with their child.  My philosophy is simple.  I am here to help parents in their quest to understand the intricacies of special education and behavioral defiance, while providing unique feedback and personalized suggestions. 

Almost 15% of children in public school districts across the United States are receiving special education services.  That is only the percentage of students that have a diagnosed disability. This 

number does not include children who have been struggling in tiered intervention for years, waiting to be in line for testing and evaluations. 

There is a lengthy process towards qualifying for special education, one that includes laws, regulations, evaluations, reports, and meetings.  Through these many steps, parents may be left feeling confused or anxious in the process.  We are here to help clarify the process, be a knowledgeable support, and provide professional feedback and consultation to your specific questions.  


Perhaps your child is not in special education but you have questions about how to support positive behaviors at home.  We are here to help with that too, by creating personalized and tailored strategies that you can easily implement at home.    

Although your child may have a great team behind them at school, you are their biggest advocate and we are here to support you support them! 

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